Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate: Rentals with a concept

The sales division of OMEGA Immobilien Management GmbH currently handles rentals of around 1500 flats and apartments in the greater Düsseldorf-Cologne-Bonn area. These residences are primarily located in residential developments in the mid- to upscale category.

Our sales team is proud of the fact that the rentals we handle are always nearly completely occupied. Satisfied tenants feel at home and stay on, raising the value of the property and with it the quality of the neighborhood.

In order to ensure a smooth transition we take charge of new rentals as soon as notice of termination has been given, and schedule flexible viewing appointments, even outside of regular business hours, for example in the evening and on weekends.

Our services at a glance:

  • Evaluation of your property without obligation
  • Consulting on rents to be charged
  • Sending information about your property to interested parties
  • Showing of your flats/apartments
  • Flexible viewing appointments
  • Mediation between tenant and landlord
  • Obtaining credit ratings of prospective tenants
  • Preparation of rental contracts