Property Management

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Regina Jones

Dipl.-Oec. Regina Jones
Executive Director

+49 (0)221 60 60 89-23

Martin Herkenrath

Dipl.-Kfm. Martin Herkenrath
Executive Director

+49 (0)221 60 60 89-20

On-site for any questions regarding the property

OMEGA property management is the division to contact for all questions concerning your real estate. We see ourselves as providers of quality and we believe that proper administration increases the returns on your real estate – and to a significantly greater extent than our fees. Efficient administration increases your returns.

We master complex, interdisciplinary situations that call for special knowledge and experience in commercial and technical matters, tenancy laws, building codes and tax law. Our comprehensive competence in the management of large-scale properties and buildings with complex technology enables our staff to deal with the requirements of any asset and control these optimally.

This can be seen in the administration of individual tenants of large properties, where highly technical and legal administrative tasks arise, as well as in the management of mixed-use real estate or buildings with a large number of different tenants.

We know all the contacts and service providers, we handle the rental and sales contracts and we initiate the necessary measures in challenging situations. Aside from planning, the responsibilities of the property manager include above a range of controlling and organizational tasks, and he always has an eye on the goals of the client on the property level.

Typical tasks of our property manager:

  • Controlling and supervising own staff
  • Controlling and supervising of operative service providers
  • Ongoing analysis of revenues and expenditures
  • Identification of potential for improving performance
  • Documentation of all operations
  • Tendering for building and renovation projects, maintenance and servicing
  • Coordination of rental and property accounting

We can only guarantee quality if we deliver all services from a single source. That is why we do not delegate services to third parties, but prefer to manage the properties ourselves – from administration and maintenance work through to provision of our own caretakers. This way we can guarantee sustainable building management, which preserves the value of the real estate and facilities as well as ensuring flawless operability.

Team work for success

Highly educated staff and perfect logistics ensure smooth operations. Because we feel responsible for our properties and tenants, we are dedicated to providing optimal housing and living quality, with competence and passion. Personal contact persons are a matter of course for us.

At OMEGA Immobilien we work in interdisciplinary teams of business managers, architects, lawyers, external experts and marketing professionals and make conscious use of the ensuing synergies.

Our focus here is on these goals and tasks:

  • Minimizing vacancy rates
  • Cost optimization
  • Optimizing of rental revenues
  • Competent consulting
  • Asset value retention
  • Handling of guarantee claims