Center Management

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Regina Jones

Dipl.-Oec. Regina Jones
Executive Director

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Center Management

Center management: Approach of holistic thinking and management

The special appeal here is shaping the interaction between a shopping center and its environment from the business point of view.

Once the decision has been made for a location, all kinds of expectations, doubts and opinions arise for the investors and the managers of the property. Aside from the basic interest in the stability of the property value, there are a number of influences, for example the needs of both customers and tenants, the interests of representatives of the community and the town, as well as the concerns of the competitors.

In this complex situation, our center management experts must find the right answers and steer the process right from the start. Center management is not an administration task that is restricted to an explanation of past circumstances. Center management is the control of all aspects of a shopping center – with clearly defined goals.

We boost frequency

As a division of an independent and owner-managed company, the OMEGA center management team has the freedom to fully concentrate on the individual conditions of each separate property. The goal of center management is to constantly increase customer frequency, which we achieve by effectively positioning the centers we manage as a brand of their own. Events, exhibitions and appealing mall decorations have a lasting positive effect on consumers and are reflected in our ongoing press work.

Our center management is the link between the market (customers, tenants, competitors) and the interests of the investor, owner and/or investment fund. Together with our tenants we continually improve merchandise presentation in the center. The mall and its entrance area are kept immaculate and inviting, to make customers feel at home. Our rental management attracts new brands and retail concepts to the shopping center, which also benefits the existing brands. At the same time, we are constantly streamlining our centers to shifting consumer preferences and needs, as well as changes in shopper behavior, to always meet the requirements of our clients.