Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management

Market knowledge and continuity

The requirements of contemporary real estate are subject to dynamic change. Technological progress, demographic developments and the demand for energy efficiency, fire protection and environmental protection all mark a trend towards shorter turnover cycles. Counteracting this is the basic task of strategic asset management. According to the way in which we understand and operate our business, investment risks can be avoided and opportunities exploited.

OMEGA Immobilien Group is the right partner for this task. As an owner-operated company it is our natural and direct duty to take responsibility for the entire cycle of real estate and play a proactive role. Our actions are always guided by the economic returns of the investment.

Value stability and enhancement

OMEGA asset management services always aim to stabilize and enhance the value of your real estate portfolio.

We take over the control and monitoring of your day-to-day property management, including all building processes, and coordinate the involvement of all strategic partners.

We identify success factors for the sustained development of each individual property and then consistently implement our pre-defined strategy. At the same time, we handle the rental and leasing of the property, devising successful rental strategies and implementing both new and renewed rental contracts for the premises. And last but not least, we take care of all aspects of the administration and technical operations of the buildings.

Through ongoing market and risk analyses as well as key performance ratings, we detect potential and arising changes early on.

Our reporting makes success measurable

When new requirements for a property arise we develop innovative repositioning strategies and coordinate the implementation of any necessary measures.

To achieve this, we use cost-optimized management approaches, which we develop on the basis of the location and quality of the property as well as the current and future needs of its tenants, and discuss this with you. This enables your property to best meet the requirements of its tenants. And it remains modern and attractive and increases its value.

We tap the full potential of your real estate assets through concrete sale/purchase recommendations on the basis of your chosen portfolio strategy. Our transaction management system accompanies the entire process and the required due diligence. Our asset management services are rounded off by a detailed reporting system that makes our services and the overall success of the investment measurable.